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Royal Winchester Golf ClubThe clubhouse is spacious and comfortably furnished and on warmer days and evenings the large balcony overlooking the course takes some beating. 

Our Steward, Steve Pope, and the catering team will do everything possible to ensure that your thirst and appetite are fully satisfied.

Dining Room

Our Dining Room is welcoming and spacious and our team provide a variety of tasty options to tempt your taste buds.

The Bar

A popular selection of freshly prepared snacks and meals are available daily. 

Bar Service Times

Monday to Saturday 11.00am to 1 hour before bar closing time.
Sundays 11.00am - 5.00pm

The Clubhouse will close 30 minutes after bar closing time.

Bar Catering Service Times

Catering Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday 11.00am 
Saturday and Sunday 10.30am 

Catering Closing Times: 
Monday 4.00pm 
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday 5.00pm 
Friday 6.00pm 

If there is a match meal or pre-booked function catering may open beyond these hours.


Royal Winchester Golf Club

Latest News
The “Royal” Breakfast Menu 
The “Red” Tee

Back Bacon, Pork Sausage, Grilled Tomato , Fried Egg and Toast or Fried Slice  £3.90 

The “Yellow” Tee

Back Bacon, Pork Sausage, Grilled Tomato, Grilled Open Mushroom, Fried Egg 
and Toast or Fried Slice  £4.35 

Extras for the above meals:

Slice Back Bacon £0.55 
Pork Sausage £0.55 
Fried Egg £0.55 
Grilled Open Mushroom £0.55 
Baked Beans £0.55 
Black Pudding £0.55 
Hash Browns £0.55 
Grilled Tomato £0.30 
Toast or Fried Slice £0.30 
Round (2 slices) of Bread and Butter £0.40

The Duke Of York

Smoked Salmon & Scrambled Egg with Wholemeal Toast £4.75 
Scrambled Egg on Toast (2 slices) £2.95 
Baked Beans on Toast (2 slices) £2.50 
Sausage or Bacon Sandwich £2.55 
Sausage or Bacon Small Baguette £3.10 
Sausage or Bacon Large Baguette £3.70 

Egg Benedict

Muffin, Ham, Poached Egg and Hollandaise Sauce £4.95 

Egg Florentine

Egg Florentine: Muffin, Spinach, Poached Egg and Hollandaise Sauce £4.95

Choice Of Cereals

Cornflakes £2.50 
Alpen Museli £2.50 
Frosties £2.50 

Tea, Coffee or Hot Chocolate available from the machine.

The “Blanchard” Bread Basket Selection

Your choice of Ham, Cheese, Beef, Tuna, Bacon, Sausage, Egg & Cress, Mushroom, 
Salad, Chicken, Fried Egg, Stilton, Brie, Black Pudding, Onion, Tomato, Sweet Pickles, 
Horseradish (Prawns add £0.55 or Smoked Salmon add £1.20)

1 Item

Sandwich £2.55, Small Baguette £3.10, Large Baguette £3.65

2 Items

Sandwich £3.10, Small Baguette £3.55, Large Baguette £4.15

3 Items

Sandwich £3.65, Small Baguette £3.95, Large Baguette £4.65

Prawns in Marie Rose Sandwich £3.10 
Prawns in Sweet Chilli Dressing Sandwich £3.10 
Smoked Salmon Sandwich £3.75

The “Dukes” Ciabattas

Brie, Apple & Grape £3.70 
Cheese, Tomato & Onion £3.70 
Smoked Salmon & Brie £4.55 
Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato £3.95 
Prawns & Cheese £4.95 
Chicken Breast in Cajun Spices £4.95 
Buffalo Mozzarello And Roasted Peppers in a Red Pesto Dressing £4.55

The “Moss” Melts

One Slice of Toast topped with (Extra slice, additional £1.30): 

Cheese, Red Onion & Worcester Sauce £2.30 
Bacon & Stilton £3.25 
Cheese & Mushroom £2.95 
Cheese & Tomato £2.50 
Cheese & Tuna £3.25 

All of the above served with Salad Garnish or Crisp

“ Fairbairn” Favourites

Ham, 2 Egg and Chips £5.75 
Sausage, 2 Egg and Chips £5.75 
Double Egg and Chips £2.30 
Fish, Chips and Peas £6.30 
Omelette, Chips and Peas £5.85

The “Les Day” Light Meals
“JH Taylors” Jackets

Large Jacket Potato served with Salad Garnish 

Tuna Mayonnaise £3.95 
Cheese & Beans £3.95 
Prawns Mary Rose £4.75 
Chilli Con Carne £3.95

The “Winchester” Grill

Homemade Burgers served in a toasted bap with side salad 

Plain Burger £2.95 
Cheese Burger £3.50 
Cheese & Bacon Burger £4.25 
Bacon & Stilton Burger £4.25 
Small Chips £1.40 
Large Chips £2.50

Extras for the above meals:

Add Fried Onions £0.30 
Add Fried Egg £0.55 
Add Mushrooms £0.55 
Add Baked Beans £0.55 
Add Slice Back Bacon £0.55 
Add Cheese £0.55 
Round (2 slices) of Bread and Butter £0.40

The Presidents
“ Sarum” Salads

Traditional Caesar Salad, Cos Lettuce, Anchovies, Parmesan Cheese £3.00 
Add Chicken Breast £3.40 
Add 2 Slices Back Bacon £1.20 
Add Prawns £3.80 
Add Tuna £3.80 
Add Smoked Salmon £3.80 
Chicken Salad in Mustard and Honey Dressing £6.05 
Gammon Ham Salad in Mustard and Honey Dressing £6.05 
Beef Salad in Mustard and Honey Dressing £6.05 
Turkey Salad in Mustard and Honey Dressing £6.05

Traditional Afternoon Tea

Pot of Tea, Scone, Clotted Cream and Jam £3.80 
Toasted Teacake with Butter and Jam £1.35 
Toasted Crumpet with Butter and Jam £1.35 
2 Slices Toast with Butter, Jam, Marmalade or Marmite £1.35 
Selection of Cake at the bar £1.55 
Biscuits £0.55 

Hot Beverages 

Machine Token £1.00 
Mug of Tea or Coffee £1.25 
Small Caffetiere £1.65 
Large Caffetiere £3.10 
Small Pot of Tea £1.35 
Large Pot of Tea £2.30 
Mug Hot Bovril £1.10