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Special General Meeting

A Special General Meeting was held in the clubhouse last night (7th September 2017) to hear a presentation, ask questions and then vote on the resolution below:

“to give the Management Committee approval to carry out the clubhouse refurbishment in line with the design proposal published and presented”

There was an extremely high turn out with 190 votes being cast by ballot slips given to eligible voting members attending the meeting.  The result, overseen by our Trustees, was as follows:

Yes votes:      163 (86%)

No votes:       26 (14%)

Void/spoilt:    1

Club Rules state that “any proposition laid before the Meeting shall require a two-thirds (67%) majority of members present and voting at the Meeting”.  This being the case, the resolution was approved and the Clubhouse refurbishment will commence in January 2018.

The Management Committee would like to thank members for their support and we look forward to enjoying our new environment with you all next year.  Exciting times are ahead.

On behalf of the Management Committee,

Phil Alder