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Bombay Sapphire – ABV 40%

Vapour distilled at Laverstock Mill right here in Hampshire. Every drop contains 10 hand-selected botanicals from exotic locations around the world.

Opihr – ABV 40%

Taking botanicals from the old spice route, this gin is a real Winner for those who like their tipple to pack a bit of a punch

Twisted Nose – ABV 40%

Made in beautiful Alresford, this gin gets it’s name from one of it’s Key botanicals – watercress & coriander seeds from the South Downs

King of Soho – ABV 42%

Made using traditional methods and is quadruple distilled. The spirit includes 12 botanicals including juniper, coriander, citrus (predominantly grapefruit peel), angelica root and cassia bark

Hampshire Fine Dry – ABV 40%

Rich in Macedonian juniper and distilled slowly.  Two of the six botanicals - fresh lemon and lime peel - are vapour-infused in a basket above the boiling alcohol to keep their flavours fresh for a bright, zesty finish

Winchester Dry Gin – ABV 44%

25 medieval botanicals commonly used in food and medicine in the period; one for each Knight seated at the table with King Arthur himself on the throne at the head of the table represented by Juniper.

Fever Tree Tonics

By blending fabulous botanical oils with spring water and the highest quality quinine from the 'fever trees' of the Eastern Congo, a delicious, natural, award winning tonic with a uniquely clean and refreshing taste and aroma. Designed to enhance the very best gins