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At the 2017 Seniors Christmas Dinner it was announced that, from the 2018 season, the Seniors’ Order of Merit will be known as the ‘Maurice Elsworthy Order of Merit’. This is in recognition of Maurice’s achievements and commitment to Royal Winchester Golf Club.

Maurice joined RWGC, where his father was already a member, in about 1954 at the age of 13. The club was then located in Chilbolton Avenue and as a Junior he paid £1 a year. This is quite expensive when you consider that now, as a Life Member, he only pays £56.25 for affiliations and a locker!

As an adult Maurice became an Artisan like his father. Artisans had limited playing rights, played separate competitions and had no voting rights. They could not use the clubhouse so had to use a wooden hut for changing etc.

Eventually Maurice became a fully paid-up member of the club and over the years he has seen a lot of changes to both the clubhouse and the course. These include the move from Chilbolton Avenue and the revised course layout, and the rebuilding of the clubhouse after the Big Fire. He has seen so many changes to the course it’s no wonder he cannot read the greens!

In total Maurice has been a member of RWGC for 63 years – and we are still counting!

In spite of his present ailments, which we all hope come to an end soon, Maurice has a current handicap of 15. That is quite impressive at his age - but what is really impressive is that he had a single figure handicap for 50 years or so. In his heyday, he was well known for his smooth swing and straight shots, which probably contributed to his five holes-in-one!

When he worked for the Railways, in their Accounts Dept, he was a staunch supporter of the Golf Society - anything to get time off work!

Maurice played for the County as a Junior and has represented the Main Club and the Seniors section in matches, including the Winter League, and has played in numerous Seniors Opens - with some good results! He has always been an ardent supporter of the Internationals, playing for Wales.

Those who have been on the Snowbirds trips, initiated by Ron Cross, will have stories to tell of Maurice’s golfing exploits in Spain, Turkey and Tunisia - and handed over a few Euros! As Maurice’s wife Liz will tell you, he will play golf at anytime, anywhere and in all conditions.

Maurice has been Seniors Champion in 2003, 2006 and 2013 but, strangely, does not have his name up on any of the boards. It seems the only significant competition he has won is the Millennium Trophy with John Carling in 2016 when they scored 47 points.

Currently the longest serving member of RWGC, Maurice might be second only to Les Day in the length of time he has been a member of the club.

Our photo shows Maurice being congratulated on his achieving this well-deserved recognition by the Seniors Captain, Barry Girdlestone, and Tony Glanville who, with Barry, was instrumental in seeking the Club’s approval for the proposal.