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Matches v Hockley

Sunday 20th August

Bowker Cup, played at Royal Winchester

Royal Winchester beat Hockley 7 ½ to 1 1/2 .  Congratulations to Mike Wyatt and all of his team on a resounding victory.

Bowker Salver played at Hockley

Royal Winchester and Hockley match was tied 4 ½ points each.  Royal Winchester therefore retained the Salver having won it last year.  Congratulations to Andy Birch and his team on this achievement. 

Hornsey Cup played at Hockley

40th Anniversary of the Hornsey Cup.  Royal Winchester narrowly lost 5/4 after three matches going to the 18th hole, one finishing on the 19th and another on the 20th.  Fun and laughter was had by all including past playing members over the years of both clubs.  All enjoyed the celebratory cake.