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Royal Winchester Golf Club

Saturday 11th July 2015

 On a brilliant summers day Club Captain Martin Doolan played mine host to the Members in the half-way tent.

Members played in a Team Competition throughout the day breaking off after the 9th Hole for some refreshment with the Captain.

Pictured is the winning team of K Wyatt, S Sharp, R Street and K Keites.

56 Teams of 4 played in the Men's Competition and 6 Teams of 4 in the Ladies.

The Captain presented prizes to the winning teams in the clubhouse on completion.

1 Keites, J 
Sharp, S 
Street, RJ 
Wyatt, KT
95 pts Overall Winner
2 Cook, D 
Reeves, K. R. 
Rich, H J 
Rich, K. F.
91 pts Overall Runner-Up
3 Davies, SL 
Dugdale, MJ 
Robson, C 
Robson, SP
91 pts Overall 3rd
4 Forshaw, C R 
Jobson, T H 
Scott, C P 
Tanner, S
90 pts Overall 4th
5 Andrews, P G 
Mould, R L 
Pidgeon, F G 
Pidgeon, SW
89 pts Overall 5th
6 Davies(2), S 
Davies, P O 
Gardiner, S M 
Jonathan, A
89 pts Overall 6th
7 Absalom, M W 
George, R B 
Wilkinson, P 
Wyatt, M
89 pts  
8 Chessell, D 
Henderson, M 
Newman, SM 
Scott, LW
89 pts  
9 Birch, A J 
Buck, A 
Harris, GR 
Marks, P A
86 pts  
10 Bateman, J 
Brown, K 
Mills, RM 
Millward, P
86 pts  
11 Coffey, M 
Graveson, G 
Hawthorn, I S 
Larke, R
85 pts  
12 Brace, D H 
Davis, M W 
Steel, J 
Steel, R J
85 pts  
13 Allen, D 
Dewey, G 
Price, NP 
Spafford, N
85 pts  
14 Betteridge, S 
Bickley, A G 
Judge, P 
Quinn, SM
85 pts  
15 Adamson, S 
Campbell, I 
Cole, R. B. D. 
Gilks, D J E
85 pts  
16 Barnes, D J 
Smith, T R 
Stead, A M 
Taylor, T J
84 pts  
17 Gascoigne, IC 
Hitchen, A L 
Monger, R C 
Stickland, M
84 pts  
18 Guppy, G M 
Jacobs, I D 
Smith(2), S 
Stannard, L M
84 pts  
19 Eaton, SJ 
Elsmore, H 
McDermott, K 
Wilkinson, B A
84 pts  
20 Bull, D. 
Collins, D 
Davies, L 
Renny, C
83 pts  
21 Buurman, LL 
House, S G 
Padwick, C 
Wren, L
83 pts  
22 Brainwood, M R 
Deren, M 
Griffith, J F 
Wilson, T B
83 pts  
23 Chaney, T. J. 
Marsh, R 
Moisey, C 
Newbold, R
83 pts  
24 Carling, J. C. G. 
Elsworthy, M. E. 
Geary, RB 
Glanville, A J
82 pts  
25 Gubb, PG 
Jones, C J 
Stockwell, N R
82 pts  
26 Clunie, J 
Marck, A 
Renny, L 
Sainsbury, D
82 pts  
27 Coleman, A. J. S. 
Hooker, R A 
McCabe, P C 
Shawyer, D W
82 pts  
28 Clinch, LJ 
Cox, J 
Jeckells, D W 
Williams(2), J
82 pts  
29 Barnes, S M 
Davies, M F 
Wehbeh, G 
White, D J
81 pts  
30 Barnes, R W 
Burridge, P 
Magee, SI 
Townsend, A
81 pts  
31 Bowden, P 
Ellery, D J 
Hatch, C. L. 
Soverna, G
81 pts  
32 Bridgeman, K 
Harris, D 
Jones, K D 
Rehorn, M.J.
81 pts  
33 Agrell, D J 
Mayr, J 
Rushton, P 
Stout, PM
80 pts  
34 Hawkins, P 
Hindle, R I 
Rappini, D
80 pts  
35 Barfoot, B J 
Chevis, G 
Kirby, P. C. 
Merrikin, K V
80 pts  
36 Cutler, T 
Griffiths, S. J. 
Timbrell, M 
Trudgett, M. D.
80 pts  
37 Alward, DJ 
Hartley, JR 
Mandelbaum, M 
Wrigley, DS
80 pts  
38 Barnes, B K 
Forshaw, R J 
Gray(2), R 
Paul, D
80 pts  
39 Curren, J. B. 
Edwards, P H 
Maskell, D 
Rayner, K
80 pts  
40 Clements, F J 
Gannaway, M. J. 
Gibson, D M 
Middleton, CJ
79 pts  
41 Benham, PC 
Hanson, K 
Vigar, A 
Wright, A
78 pts  
42 Ashford, A 
Coultish, M 
Moss, N 
Wakley, R P
78 pts  
43 Dawson, J 
Hutchinson, K 
Leigh, R A 
Upton, D V C
78 pts  
44 Bush, B. F. 
Finch, H 
Girdlestone, BR 
Tippen, G C
78 pts  
45 Clarke, K 
Davies, M I 
Edwards, M 
Gill, A
78 pts  
46 Goss, D B 
Jones, H 
Smith, G F 
Young, D W
78 pts  
47 Betteridge, DG 
Chalk, D M 
Poole, D A 
Withington, J S
77 pts  
48 Baynes, R A 
Poffley, B J 
Smith, R J 
Whitehead, M J
77 pts  
49 Bell, A R 
Bell, T 
Elsmore, I 
White, A
77 pts  
50 Harris, A 
Igglesden, N 
Shrubsole(2), S 
Steele, J
76 pts  
51 Alborough, A 
Curtis, M 
Holbrook, S R 
Winchcombe, G T
75 pts  
52 Bailey, JL 
Byrnes, M S 
Donnelly, A 
Gleeson, GM
75 pts  
53 Harrington, J D 
Herbich, M A 
Hynes, M S 
Marchesi, J
72 pts  
54 Aer, V 
Botto, R 
Coates, CP 
Webb(2), AB
71 pts  
55 Bunyan, P D 
Thomas, M R 
Wall, T 
Walton, D S
71 pts  
- Chivers, J E 
Langridge, D A 
Matthews, G 
Wilson, C
No Return No Score Recorded





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